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Stargate is one of those franchises that changed the world of science fiction forever. It’s completely unique, and whether you got your start with the original film, or with the spin-off tv shows, you can agree on that. No other science fiction show of its time was set in the modern-day, with present-day people from earth dealing with offworld threats. At times it was incredibly real. At other times it was hilariously relatable. While the beginning seasons were campy, and the show never really lost its low-budget charm. That was half the fun!

As good as the spin-offs are, nothing can compare to the original film and tv-series. The characters of SG-1 captured our hearts from the very first episode. The team included the salty Captain Jack O’Neill, the intelligent and badass Sam Carter, the adorable genius Daniel Jackson, and the stoic Teal’c. These four formed the core group that we followed along the show as they got themselves into all sorts of trouble, met friends, and made enemies.

Its unique villains, from the Goa’uld System Lords to the Replicators to the Ori captured our imaginations and kept us on the edge of our seats. But, even though those villains were usually pretty over-the-top, the show never took itself too seriously. It’s famous for quotable one-liners, from “permission to barge in, sir?” to “what is an Oprah?”, to “Holy frozen bad guy!” and everything in between.

But as funny as the show was, it also dealt with deep topics and even took a stab at the afterlife in Meridian. Government corruption, self-sacrifice, religion, slavery, misogyny, genocide, racism – the show attempted to tackle all of these and more with relative grace.

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