The Puns T-Shirt Collection: Fully Intended

You either love a good pun, or you’re lying.

Puns can be made for anything. There’s food puns, clothing puns, science puns, puns about people, puns about countries, puns about drinks, animal puns…you get the picture. Puns are great, but you know what’s even better? Puns on t-shirts, baby.

Puns and t-shirts go together like apple pie and ice cream, like peanut butter and jelly, like cats and dogs (well, maybe not that last one). Puns are hilarious. It’s so much fun to come up with a clever joke and then wait for it to hit others. Once it does, you can sit back, pop some popcorn, and watch the rage set in. Puns are so bad that they’re good, and that’s why we love them.

Puns are great. T-Shirts are great. That’s why we’ve gone around the web and found all the best (or worst!) punny t-shirts and put them in once place for you to browse through to your heart’s content. If you know of a T-Shirt with an awesome pun on it, and don’t see it here, help us out by submitting it so we can add it to the collection. We’re always looking for more!

Seriously, these t-shirts are sew hilarious, we’re in stitches. We can guarantee that you won’t get attired of them!