The Crazy Cat Lover’s T-Shirt Collection

Cats are awesome.

They’re literally therapeutic. People who own cats are less likely to get heart disease, have a better immune system, reduced blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety, and even longer life. Humans have been obsessed with cats since the days of ancient Egypt, where they were revered as gods. We spend hours watching hilarious or adorable cat videos on YouTube, and we invest thousands of dollars in our feline friends every year on toys, special food, furniture, and even outfits.

You can almost hear her tiny meows. [PHOTO: PBH2]

Our cats are our lifelong companions. Some people may think they’re aloof assholes, but we know better. We love all their little quirks, whether that’s knocking objects off the table for no reason, the strange obsession with the “little red dot”, or the way they pretend that they’re in the same room as you completely by accident. It’s those quirks that make them, well, cats. They’re quiet, they’re clean, they’re soft and fuzzy – there’s no end to how awesome cats are.

PHOTO: PopSugar

People might label us as “crazy”, or “hermits” for loving cats, but we know the truth: cats are better than people.

That’s why we’ve compiled a collection of all the tees that resonate with cat lovers from around the web. Love cats? Then wear your heart on your sleeve, literally. The world needs to know how wonderful cats are. So, have a look, and if you know of a cat-related tee and don’t see it here, please submit it so we can add it to our collection.

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