The Coffee T-Shirt Collection: Coffee Addicts Anonymous

Coffee makes the world go ’round.

Did you know that when coffee was first discovered by Europeans, they thought they’d never have to sleep again? Coffee, or should I say, readily-available caffeine, quite literally changed the world. Without the discovery of coffee and the invention of the electric light, the world we know it would be very different. We wouldn’t have the ability to stay up until all hours catching up on work, homework, browsing memes, or watching pointless cat videos on YouTube.

Yeah, let’s all say a silent prayer of thanks for coffee.

Let’s be real. We all know this moment. [PHOTO: pinterest]

The obsession with coffee is totally a thing. After all, coffee is a bit of a hard drug, and every drug comes with a ritual. Me? I wake up every morning, go to my espresso maker, make myself a shot with some steamed milk and some sort of flavoring. I use the same mug every single time. Other people go to their favorite coffee shop and wait in line. Some wait for the office, and still others will go crazy if they can’t use a french press.

Well, no matter your preferred method of making your daily cup of coffee, we can all agree on one thing: coffee is awesome. That’s why we’ve gone around the web and compiled all the best coffee-related tees into one place. These are the kind of tees that any coffee-aficionado will love. If you know of a great coffee tee and don’t see it here, please submit it so we can add it to our collection. We love seeing new stuff!

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