The 70s T-Shirts Collection: Make Tees, Not War

Few eras are so fondly remembered as the 1970s. It was a time of radical change, protests, and iconic fashion statements that still stay with us nearly 50 years later. The world was rocked by a generation that was tired of war, who wanted nothing else than to travel, make friends, and listen to awesome music. It was a time of activism, of protests, of musical icons like Jimi Hendrix and polyester was the fabric of choice. Most people seemed to spent 97% of their lives at the Disco, movies were gloriously campy, and conspiracy theorists thrived. It was a time for pop culture icons to rise to fame, including Bruce Lee, Mister Rodgers, and Michael Jackson.

Fashion rules were broken or outright eliminated, people flocked to huge music festivals, and the first ‘Earth Day’ was held in 1970. The Cold War was raging strong, Comic Books entered a ‘bronze age’, and ‘health products’ marketed to hippies really took off. Let’s face it, the 70s shaped so much of the modern world today. You’ll still sometimes see people wandering around in bell-bottom jeans and crop tops or flower-power flowy shirts, listening to ABBA and the Beatles. The spirit of the 70s never really died. That’s why we’ve gone around the web and found all the best t-shirts that hearken back to this era. So, take a look, and if you know of a 70s-related t-shirt and don’t see it here, do us a favor by submitting it so we can add it to the collection. We’re always looking for more!

Stay Wild, Moon Child