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Hi, I'm Andreea and I'm the Editor at where I showcase the awesome in "design" and "tshirts". You can reach me by commenting on the blog posts or directly at andreea'@'

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Funniest Guardians of the Galaxy Memes!

I liked Guardians of the Galaxy before the movie was even announced. They had me at Racoon with guns! Haha. Brace yourseles, this is going to be funny. And before we begin, here’s a question: How many time have you…

by on Sep 09, 2014

She was supposed to play in Guardians of the Galaxy!

Apparently the scene where she was supposed to play in Guardians of the Galaxy was cut – the pit boss, played by Marama Corlett. The picture taken on the set was released by Director James Gunn. She’s having her head…

by on Sep 04, 2014

Maybe “I am GROOT” isn’t the strongest password!

This week we’ve all seen the leaked images of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and many others. But what does Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Rocket and Groot have to do with all this? Well, the New Yorker’s Daily Cartoon…

by on Sep 03, 2014

Best Summer Movie Moments of 2014

You have to agree with me when I say that Summer of 2014 was awesome when it comes to movies. There was a variety of excellent movies to choose from: we had X-Men Days of Future Past, Captain America The…

by on Sep 02, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence leaked images! What about privacy people?

Everybody’s making a huge deal for the past few days about the naked images leaked online featuring Jennifer Lawrence, who played Mystique in the recent X-Men movies, including X-Men – Days of Future Past. Perez Hilton, got a hold of…

by on Sep 01, 2014

Primal Immortality – Show who you are, become who you desire!

When he first heard the phrase “Be Immortal”, Kahn Santori Davison owner of Primal Immortality, immediately thought of riding a Silver Surferish board through the cosmos chasing planets and racing spaceships. [interview quote=”It’s about art and motivation. Doesn’t matter if…

by on May 06, 2014

Buy one TEE, get one for FREE!

I think the title of this post says everything you need to know! Just go over at BustedTees and get your free tee, it’s sale time over there!

by on Apr 22, 2014

Things that will make him the greatest wrestler of all time!

If you love pro wrestling like we do then you know there was nobody else like Warrior. We salute the maddest, baddest man ever to grace the world of professional wrestling. NO ONE CUT A PROMO LIKE HIM The only…

by on Apr 16, 2014