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May the Force Be With You (distressed)

from DesignByHumans added by
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Giveaway: Win a Free DesignByHumans Subscription Box

DesignByHumans launched their “t-shirt subscription service” several months ago. The idea is brilliant, if you want high quality t-shirts but you don’t have the time to pick, you’d get 2 every month, cherry-picked by DBH, limited edition and what we…

by on Apr 21, 2016

NineFit, a new Kickstarter from London

Khuram from NineFit recently contacted TeeHunter to showcase his new Kickstarter campaign. The idea came from a frustration, there weren’t any good quality t-shirts in the shopping malls around London, at least not at a fair price (Sorry, Kanye). They…

by on Apr 21, 2016

Every Dog Shirt Has Its Day

Whether its campaign politics on SNL or pop songs on YouTube, people love a great parody.  People even love a pretty good parody.  Hell, it can crash and burn and scrape an iceberg or two, and people can love an awful parody.  The…

by on Apr 20, 2016

13 Cool Shirts to Spend Your Tax Refund On

Well, it’s the least wonderful time of the year. Tax season. By now, you’ve all filed or asked for extensions. If you’re like me, you procrastinate until the last minute. I applaud those who have their taxes ready to go…

by on Apr 20, 2016

TeePublic $14 Sale, April 2016 — find out more

There’s a sale live happening right now and it will probably go live until Friday or Sunday. The t-shirts are $14 from $20 and a bunch of other discounts for hoodies and tank tops. You’d have quite a few to…

by on Apr 20, 2016

Go the Way of Dinosaur Shirts

Dinosaurs rock.  This is an indisputable fact, a very law of nature.  Television knows it, cinema knows it, history knows it.  It is the same as saying the sun is bright, or water is wet.  And aside from the whole scaly…

by on Apr 15, 2016

Tostadora & TeeHunter, Giveaway #April

Tostadora & TeeHunter, Giveaway #April We have launched great giveaways in the past. Congratulations to Stancey, Tim and Chris for winning the last one with Batman V Superman. Every single giveaway we decided on a great topic for the given month…

by on Apr 06, 2016

This Earth Day, Buy a Tee and Plant a Tree!

I have to say, hands down, Earth is the best planet to live on. It’s so green and lush, with lots of oceans and lake, as well as a ton of wildlife that runs the gambit from adorable to terrifying….

by on Apr 05, 2016

Elias Chatzoudis – The designer killing it with pinups

This Harley Quinn t-shirt got instantly popular in the TeeHunter gallery. We started our t-shirt round-up for Suicide Squad with this t-shirt in mind, truth be told. Elias Chatzoudis, after a bit of research this was the name to pop…

by on Mar 28, 2016

TeeHunter X Tom Ryan – Interview

We claim to be creative people, otherwise how could we bundle together all the great t-shirts that we find across the web? We found Tom on Neatoshop’s group on Facebook, oh that place is packed with great t-shirt artists, except…

by on Mar 18, 2016

The 101 Embroidery guide

When we hear of embroidery, most of us probably think of grandmothers sitting in front of the fireplace with a pair of cats playing by her ankles. And while this might tell one part of the story, the majority ignore…

by on Mar 03, 2016

TeeHunter X Kirara Neko – Interview

This week we have someone straight outta DeviantArt’s talent pool. Let’s start with our classic intro, in the red corner we have.. Heya! I’m Kirara, a freelance artist and hobbyist living in the rainy state of Washington, USA. I’m currently…

by on Feb 05, 2016

TeeHunter X OliPop – Interview

I’m not sure how to start this interview, I should probably go with a joke and see what happens. That’s because we have OliPop in the house tonight for our Friday’s Interview. He’s funny, he got Robert Downey Jr. mesmerized into posting…

by on Jan 22, 2016

TeeHunter X DiHA – Interview

You’ve seen her on TeePublic as DIHA and now we have the pleasure of interviewing her, ladies and gents meet Dianne. Tell us a little about yourself, Dianne. I’m a part-time artist, part-time nurse, and full-time nerd living in Boulder,…

by on Jan 15, 2016

TeeHunter X Raki Martinez – Interview

It’s Friday, it’s interview time on TeeHunter with a new and amazing t-shirt designer from Spain (Andale, Andale!) – Enjoy. Tell us a little about yourself First of all, hi everyone!!  It’s an honor to do this interview. My name, at…

by on Dec 18, 2015

TeeHunter X Andrew Kwan – Interview

This Friday we have an artist from Toronto, whose t-shirts we first found during our Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice article. TeeHunters please meet Andrew Sebastian Kwan. Tell us a little about yourself I was born Andrew Sebastian Kwan…

by on Nov 20, 2015

Clash Royale – The Strategy Guide for Beginners

Released earlier this month, Clash Royale has been dominating the mobile-game market. It is the most downloaded game on Google Play and the App Store, and I expect it to remain at the top for quite awhile. So what makes Clash Royale…

by on Apr 04, 2016

The Best and Worst of Batman and Superman Films

Yes, of course there is a lot of fuss going into Zack Snyder’s epic clash between the Dark Knight and Man of Steel presented in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  It is going to be an insane battle, no doubt about it.  Will…

by on Mar 29, 2016

The Joker and Harley Quinn—Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight

Talk about a celebrity couple. The Joker and Harley Quinn have been making headlines ever since Harley first appeared in the DC universe in 1992. Before then, the Joker was pretty much a lone act, barring a few short-lived team-ups…

by on Mar 23, 2016

Why I’m Dreading Batman Vs. Superman

I honestly am not the person who judges a movie on one piece of casting news, a trailer or a clip. I try to keep an open mind, especially if it’s a franchise I care about. But I find myself…

by on Mar 22, 2016

Clockwork Orange T-Shirts to Kill For

It was never supposed to be made. Stanley Kubrick was hard at work on another script when his wife happened to give him the book, and good thing she did.  The product of his resulting love for Anthony Burgess’s 1962 dystopian novel…

by on Mar 21, 2016

Tabloid Headlines From Batman Vs. Superman

Gotham City and Metropolis are two of the best-known DC Comics created cities. Even if you’re not a major fan of Batman and Superman, you’ve probably heard of these fictional cities and some of the things that exist within them….

by on Mar 17, 2016

What If Superman Lost His Powers and Turned to Batman for Help?

“What if” Series is a new column by TeeHunter’s creative authors. Here, we will turn movies and comics inside out, generating new stories by altering significant events. It’s for the hardcore fan who enjoys re-imagining the characters and worlds they…

by on Mar 16, 2016

House of Cards Season Four – The Underwoods’ Foundation Crumbles

With the American Presidential campaign in full gear, and many of us being bombarded with politics on television, radio and social media, you’d think we’d be tired of them by now. But many of us are excited about the release…

by on Mar 15, 2016

Batman -OR- Superman? Pick your free t-shirt, support your hero!

March is our Batman V Superman month here at TeeHunter. We’ve got it covered here: • Top 20 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice T-shirts • Top 20 Batman Arkham Knight T-shirts • What If Batman Killed the Joker? The…

by on Mar 07, 2016

Deadpool Giveaway: Get your FREE t-shirt

First of all, congratulations to Jeff for winning our Star Wars giveaway and on top of that, sending us a killer article, read it here. 12 February 2016 – Deadpool. Tic tac, tic tac, it’s so close and the movie…

by on Jan 11, 2016

Star Wars Giveaway: Three winners get their licensed tee

18 December, 2015. That’s the date when the new Star Wars: Episode VII will run at your cinema. Today, 2015. That’s the date when you can participate at our amazing giveaway with officially licensed t-shirts from Star Wars, courtesy of…

by on Nov 23, 2015

Fallout Giveaway: Win $100 Worth of Fallout T-shirts!

Tuesday’s the day, the day we return to the Wasteland and explore post-apocalyptic Boston. As you all know, Fallout 4 is coming to our PCs and gaming consoles on November 10th and to celebrate this we’ve made a special contest. We’re giving away…

by on Nov 09, 2015

Giveaway: Win a Marvel 3 Pack!

We’re ending October with a BANG! This time we’ve got something special for all you comic book geeks out there. But first let’s congratulate Bertram Chan from Canada for winning 2 scary tees from Sons of Gotham in our Halloween…

by on Oct 26, 2015

Giveaway: Win 2 Halloween Tees from Sons of Gotham

Alright, we just gave away 8 awesome tees from ShirtBattle in our last giveaway and we’re launching a new contest right now. But first let me tell who the lucky winners are: Sarah Slosson, Laura S., Tammie Venne, Cole Mackey,…

by on Oct 12, 2015

Giveaway: Win 8 Free Tees from ShirtBattle

What’s the perfect way to end September? Either by winning some awesome tees, like Michelle VanDaley, who won 2 tees of her choosing from Seventh.Ink or by entering our newest giveaway. This time we have 8 prizes for 8 lucky…

by on Sep 28, 2015

Giveaway: Win 2 FREE Tees from Seventh Ink

Let’s start the week with a BANG! Andrea Amy from Canada just won 3 amazing Star Wars t-shirts from Design by Humans in our last giveaway. Congrats Andrea and we hope you’ll enjoy your new free t-shirts. Now it’s time…

by on Sep 14, 2015

My Adventures at Los Angeles WonderCon 2016!

This weekend, for the first time ever, WonderCon was held in Los Angeles, California. The past three year, the event took place in Anaheim (across the street from Disneyland!), having been displaced by convention hall construction in San Francisco. What…

by on Mar 30, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day Expectations and Reality

Every year we have grand plans for our St. Patrick’s Day festivities. And every year, the reality is a little different. Here’s some examples of what we plan, and what really happens. Idea: This year you’re going to make a…

by on Mar 04, 2016

A Tale of Two Faces — Artist Dada’s Character Mashup Collection

Every story has two sides. For the talented artist known only as Dada, the best way to tell a story is to mash those two sides together. Her collection of artwork puts on display the portraits of iconic characters and…

by on Mar 03, 2016

TeeHunter Interviews Donald J. Trump

In an exclusive, very much legitimate interview, TeeHunter sits down to talk about the issues with potential leader of the free world, Donald Trump. If that last sentence comes as a shock to you, we as Americans sincerely apologize. We…

by on Mar 02, 2016

6 reasons why Far Cry Primal’s world will blow you away

Unlike most video games, which get complete artist freedom when creating their world , Far Cry Primal’s world is based off historic regions and tribes that existed over 10,000 years ago. Game developers, Ubisoft, truly wanted to make an authentic…

by on Feb 27, 2016

The Geek Oscars 2015 – Who Will Win?

This Sunday, the Academy Awards will bestow Oscars on the best performances and movies of the past year. It’s great to see some “geek” movies making it beyond just technical awards (Mad Max, The Martian). But still too many movies…

by on Feb 24, 2016

The Art of the Sequel Gap

It is long; it is hard; but it is definitely worth it.  The sequel and occasional prequel process can be a nightmare for studios, leaving many a film in development hell (RIP Hellboy 3).  It involves convincing famous Hollywood actors…

by on Feb 23, 2016

Mackleshirts, T-Shirts as Unique as the Rapper Himself

Ben Haggerty…  Ring any bells?  What about the name Macklemore?  Of course!  Who doesn’t know that guy?  With sixty-four nominations and close to two dozen awards, including four Grammys, the prominent rapper scrapped his Irish name long ago for his now-famous stage name…

by on Feb 22, 2016

A clothing brand for photographers

Earlier this month we were approached by Michael, the founder of ClickGearClothing. The title already revealed it for you though, it’s a clothing brand dedicated to photographers and we have the opportunity to showcase it here on TeeHunter. Design does…

by on Feb 17, 2016

Custom Headwear: Is it worth it?

We’re all about t-shirts but it seems the industry is taking a strong approach to adding more parallel products, like paintings (DesignByHumans recently announced it), mugs, hand-crafted “stuff” or more in the t-shirt tone, headwear (Gold Hats Headwear, a French custom…

by on Dec 10, 2015

Kickstarter: Living Dreams – Get Your Dreams On!

Nowadays everyone seems to be talking about how you should find your dreams and live your passion. Everyone’s talking about it but so few people are actually doing it. And since we’re talking about DO’ers, meet Harry Michael Poulos, founder…

by on Oct 29, 2015

Guardian Aesthetics – For Your Fit Lifestyle

Fitness doesn’t just happen at the gym. Fitness is a lifestyle and you should know that. Let’s be honest, the fit-and-busy types often end up in their workout gear long after they leave the gym, so they might as well…

by on Sep 17, 2015

Look Human – Live for the Moment, Dress for the Moment

I guess you guys have run across a Notorious R.G.B. tee with the face of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg printed on it and probably wondered who made it and where you can actually buy it. In case…

by on Aug 27, 2015

Lokel Apparel: Stay Fresh, Get Hooked Up!

I know you guys enjoy big apparel companies like Hurley, RVCA or Billabong but the sad part about them is that the average customer can’t really get involved with the brand. These companies are basically saying here is what we…

by on Aug 20, 2015

Your Digital Creator – Custom T-shirt Printing

If you need some cheap and awesome custom t-shirts let Your Digital Creator help you. These guys are taking the printing world by storm by offering the lowest prices on the internet when it comes to custom printed t-shirts. Your…

by on Aug 13, 2015

Cotographix – Art Becomes Fashion

One of the best ways to express and expand art is through the things you wear. An artistic t-shirt can become dynamic, enjoyed, shared and spread to passers-by everywhere. Do you know the feeling you get when a stranger passing…

by on Jul 29, 2015

DesignByHumans Free Shipping this week

  Free shipping this week on DBH Bringing you the latest news on DesignByHumans, they’re offering FREE SHIPPING (INTERNATIONAL) this week from Monday to Thursday. Here’s the exact time-frame for the free shipping offer: Monday 3/21/16 at 12:00 am PST…

by on Mar 21, 2016

A clothing brand for photographers

Earlier this month we were approached by Michael, the founder of ClickGearClothing. The title already revealed it for you though, it’s a clothing brand dedicated to photographers and we have the opportunity to showcase it here on TeeHunter. Design does…

by on Feb 17, 2016

“In dark times, ALWAYS remember to turn on the light” – Dumbledore

I knew this already, but I want to share it with all of you as well. TeeTurtle not only is a site that exists purely for their fans, but they also give back. The purpose of all this is to…

by on Jan 15, 2016

Collector’s Box Theme This Month – Monsters!

DHB Collector’s Box – Epic Tees Every Month We’ve announced DBH’s new awesome feature in an article last month so if t-shirt subscriptions is your thing, you’ve come to the right place. How does it work? First you have to…

by on Jan 08, 2016

Star Wars Meets Fashion – Star Wars Couture Collection

Fashion illustrator Guillermo Meraz created this awesome series of clothes inspired by characters from Star Wars! The results speak for themselves, the collection is absolutely gorgeous (love the Rey one) and given this situation, it only remains for us to…

by on Jan 08, 2016

Resolutionary T-Shirts – the DIEM ain’t gonna CARPE itself!

It’s January, the best month possible.. for gyms. A month ago you probably renewed your subscription to the gym, picking up a 6 month pass for -70% off. That’s a sweet sweet deal, or is it? It’s true, the DIEM ain’t…

by on Jan 06, 2016

RedBubble’s end of year offers

You’ve been spoiled this Black Friday by many of the brands we feature. Then you had CyberMonday, again, spoiled! Christmas is next and it might just be the last train for offers. We have RedBubble’s one in advance for you…

by on Dec 24, 2015

T-Shirt subscription? Yes, please!

Following the tradition of Dollar Shave Club .. or the most recently endorsed Dan Bilzerian product Dollar Beard Club Why not make a Dollar T-Shirt Club sort-of t-shirt subscription service? I guess that’s what DBH said too! Announcing a T-Shirt…

by on Dec 15, 2015