We’re looking for T-Shirt enthusiasts to write on TeeHunter!

We’ve been playing with the idea of having more authors on TeeHunter. It’s actually quite a brilliant idea for two reasons:

  1. The folks reading TeeHunter will have even more quality articles to read.
  2. We’re allowing everyone to share their piece of mind

Now dropping the bombshell:

  1. Guest posts are meant to discuss about the tee culture in general and not about the author’s shop or brand.
  2. Authors will have their brand created on TeeHunter and they can also link to their shop in a small author bio box that appears at the bottom of each article.
  3. Featured articles (the paid ones) remain a priority for us and if you want to present a new collection and generate buzz about your shop, those are recommended.

Since we’ve discussed the obvious above, if you love the tee culture, you’re part of it, you’re a tee enthusiast and have something to say, reach out to us with a guest post request, show us a mockup and we’ll add you as a permanent author on TeeHunter.

Get in touch!
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