The Traveler’s T-Shirt Collection: Feed Your Wanderlust


  1. A strong desire to travel.

Some people just have it: the travel bug. The itch. The wanderlust. Restless feet.

Whatever you want to call it, for some of us, we just have to go somewhere. We love to experience new things, meet new people, go places we’ve never gone before and do things we’ve never done before. It’s about expanding our minds, learning new languages, seeing the sunset over Hawaii or drinking coffee in Italy or seeing the way the lights brighten New York at night. For some of us, it’s traveling across the Sahara with a Bedouin guide, or spending time with a family in Tokyo, or seeing ancient ruins in Peru.

PHOTO: Tumblr

If you’re the kind of person who hates standing still, who loves taking life by the horns and seeing what the world has to offer, then this tee collection is for you. Traveling is one of the single best ways to expand your horizons and open your mind. That’s why we’ve compiled all the best tees from around the web that are sure to spark your wanderlust. So have a look below. You might find something you like. If you know of a travel-related tee and don’t see it here, go ahead and submit it so we can add it to our collection.

The world is your oyster. All you have to do is move.