The Music Lover’s T-Shirt Collection

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

— Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo really said it best. Music makes us human. What would life be without music?

Pretty sad, really.

There’s a type of music to express every emotion, and a genre for every person. It’s the language of the soul and the heart. It’s an art form; it’s a language. For some of us, it’s a way of life.

At the heart of every music lover, there’s a favorite band that keeps playing their favorite song, over and over, which is probably why we get music lyrics stuck in our heads so often. And for every band, there’s an awesome t-shirt.

Who doesn’t occasionally get “I’m a Believer” stuck in their head? [PHOTO:]

Band t-shirts have been a thing practically since the t-shirt was invented. What better way to show your love for your favorite band than to wear their name and logo? Nothing says “I’m cool” like a well-styled, tasteful band tee. Besides, they’ve been a wardrobe staple of alternative fashion for forever. Band t-shirts, like certain songs, always hearken back to old memories. They’re impossible not to buy and impossible to get rid of once they’re in our closets. They’re practically an extension of ourselves.

So, why not pick one up?

We’ve compiled all of our best band tees from around the web that pay homage to the best bands in history. We’ve got just about everything, but if there’s a band you love and you don’t see a tee here that represents them, why don’t you go ahead and submit it so that we can add it to the collection? We’re always looking for new tees (and music!).