The Extrovert’s T-Shirt Collection

There’s no party like an extrovert’s party…because you are the party. 

Extroverts can get a bad rep sometimes, simply for being loud, but let’s be real – not all extroverts fit the stereotype of the loudmouthed, pushy dude at the front of the meeting, allowing literally no-one to talk but himself. All extroversion means is that instead of processing everything inwardly and having a high sensitivity to stimuli, like an introvert, you process things externally and have a low sensitivity to stimuli.

Usually, when you’re an extrovert, you’re a confident person (or you’re at least good at pretending to be). You’re great at leading a conversation, asking people out, public speaking, presenting your ideas verbally, and at sending food back at a restaurant that the chef got wrong. Chances are, several of your friends are introverts that you found and adopted. You don’t need other people to tell you you’re awesome. You already know you are.

PHOTO: Imgur

The world needs extroverts. If you are one, then you should be proud of it! That’s why we’ve gone around the web and found all the tees that might resonate with you. So have a look. You might find one that you’ll wear with pride. If you know of a tee that you absolutely love, give us a holler by submitting it, so we can add it to the collection, we want to hear from you!