The Bitcoin Collection: Cryptomania

Ever since it first appeared on the market, bitcoin fever has been spreading like wildfire. The value of this digital currency is skyrocketing right now, and everyone’s talking about buying in. The only problem is: bitcoin doesn’t have a pre-established bottom value. At any moment, it could all come crashing down, and all the money invested in this currency could be…well…gone for good.

Some people think that the digital currency is going to make them a billionaire. Others think it’s a complete scam. That’s mostly due to how cryptic (heh, see what we did there?) the information surrounding this currency is. In fact, we don’t even know who first created it for certain. We only know the creator by his alias: Satoshi Nakamoto. As for the currency he, or they, created, it’s completely up to the market how valuable, or un-valuable, it is. There are no banks to regulate it – only the open market.

What even is Bitcoin? Does anyone really know? Is it one man’s strange social experiment? Is it sustainable? Is it lucrative? Is it a scam? Is it a worthy theme for a collection of t-shirts on TeeHunter? Well, at least one of those questions has an answer, and the answer is: yes!

We’re as intrigued by bitcoin as you are. That’s why we’ve gone around the web and found all the best bitcoin-themed t-shirts and gathered them into one awesome place for you to sift through, so that no matter how you feel about the new currency, you can at least enjoy a few pages of cool tees.

Stay cool, Cryptomaniacs!