Stranger Things Collection: Tees and Contemplation

“Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.” – Chief Hopper.

Stranger Things is the sort of show that, when you begin watching it, you think it’s one thing. Then you get about halfway through and suddenly you’re knee deep in conspiracy theories and scientific mumbo-jumbo. It’s awesome. The show starts with a group of boys playing D&D in their parent’s basement. One boy goes missing. His mom will stop at nothing to find him and she’s convinced there’s foul play afoot. Plus there’s a monster, the government, and questionable experimentation…what could be better than this?


Every single character in Stranger Things is relatable…or at the very least recognizable. None of them are necessarily stereotypes, and that’s what we love about the show. It feels real, like it could have happened somewhere in the American Midwest. Maybe it really did, and the government just covered it up.

Here at TeeHunter, we love Stranger Things just as much as you do! That’s why we’ve gone around the web and compiled all the best Stranger Things t-shirts we could find. Have a look, it’ll help curb those in-between-season blues. If you know of a Stranger Things t-shirt and don’t see it here, give us a holler by submitting it so we can add it to the collection. We’re always on the lookout for sick new tees!

Stay mental, guys, and avoid any creepy scientists posing as electrical technicians in white vans.