Pizza Surfing Cat Junior T-Shirt

A pizza t-shirt that you'll absolutely love.

Pizza Surfing Cat Junior T-Shirt

from Goodie Two Sleeves
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It's not always easy, being a pizza surfing cat. Sharks were always trying to get my pepperonis. But nothing beats feeling the wind blowing through my fur, and the ocean's spray making the ait salty and cool. Plus, I met a rad turtle who's basically my best friend now.Featuring a fluffy cat surfing a giant wave on a slice of pizza.• 100% Incredibly Soft Polyester • Comfortable Juniors' Sublimated T Shirt • Printed for a 'No Feel' feel • Only buy this shirt if you want a turtle best friendNot this shirt is sublimated. That's fancy lingo for an all-over print. This printing process leave some unique and inconspicuous white areas around some edges of the garment where the graphic doesn't reach. This is totally normal and adds to the charm of the custom item.


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