North American Collage Kids T-Shirt

A cat t-shirt that you'll absolutely love.

North American Collage Kids T-Shirt

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It’s a full moon night, so bright and illuminating you’ve committed to reaching your goal. Just a few more miles ’til the next station. The air is clean and you feel at peace. Your legs are strong and you move more nimbly than you could under the hot sun of day. You feel connected with the woods and the wildlife surrounding you. Your eyes and ears attuned to every snap of a branch, every jostle of a stone, you stop for a breath of night air. Uh-oh, up ahead: Is that….? Nope. Phew. You keep moving, thinking how comfortable you are out here in the woods in your North American Collage T-Shirt from The Mountain®. So quiet. So cool. Stop. There it is again! You see the trail clearly. No way are those beautiful creatures standing up ahead, watching you. But are they? Could they be waiting for you, off there to side? Surely, this tee can’t have magical powers; it’s just a really nice cotton tee. Or is it? You decide.


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