Eagle & Clouds T-Shirt

A freedom t-shirt that you'll absolutely love.

Eagle & Clouds T-Shirt

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Do you love America? Do you love freedom? Doesn’t it feel good knowing you have the freedom to buy your own stuff with your own hard-earned American dollars? And then have the freedom to pay in exact change and tell the cashier to have a nice day? That’s the American way. Having the freedom to do what you want. Whether it’s helping old ladies cross the road or joining the weekly bridge club, freedom enables you to be reckless and have it your way. Sure, some people may think you’re wasting your time getting an education and helping others, but it’s your right—no, your duty—to be bold and go against the grain. What better way to celebrate your freedom-loving philanthropic ways than with the Eagle & Clouds design from The Mountain®? We’ll even let you keep the change.