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WAINAO is a revolution in the tee shirt business . This new brand from PARIS “that wants to kill NIKE !..”,  .  represents a major change from an artistic and economic point of view. It has the potential to become the  “ UBER” of the fashion industry.

WAINAO comes with an incredible concept, which is to revisit the history of the world through a series of dates and events that are considered significant. They do this in the form of puzzles and the originality of the project lies in the fact that they work with a new duet of artists(one for the visual and an other for the text) for each new event they choose to talk about. Artists create works about the subject, then, these works are exhibited on the same support; namely WAINAO; an unique model of double reversible tee shirt made by assembling 2 t-shirts, which allows to wear the garment on both sides. Each WAINAO consists of 4 elements distributed on the faces of the two t-shirts: -a date, a puzzle phrase, a visual and a text- each are index to determine which event they speak about.

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By mixing art, history and culture, WAINAO is on the way to realizing this old dream, namely; Make clothes the reflection of personality. We are not surprised that they’ve already been approached by investors from CHINA and QATAR . We, all, will be very attentive to the evolution in the next few months.

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The team at WAINAO.

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