Smiling Times

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Smiling Times: A Positive Global Impact

Smiling Times is a brand created to have a positive impact on the world. The mission, to spread love. Founded in 2013, Smiling Times was originally a positive news media outlet. It has since grown into a brand that promotes love and positivity through volunteering, thoughtful messaging and charitable donations.

Nelson Santos, Founder of Smiling Times is on a mission to volunteer around the world.

Proceeds from Smiling Times t-shirts go to a variety of charitable organizations around the world, in addition, they support Nelson on a global journey of volunteering. Having fallen in love with volunteering years ago, Nelson wants to expand his reach and do the most good for the world that he possibly can. He encourages others to start a journey of volunteering as well. You can support the Smiling Times movement by purchasing t-shirts, volunteering or simply sharing a smile with another person.

The Smiling Times brand is a movement: a movement of love.



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