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Sawyer is a new children’s lifestyle brand based in Park City, Utah. Their goal? Create quality, functional products that inspire kids to be outdoors. On average, kids spend only half the amount of time outside as their parents did when they were kids. That’s tragic, considering how many happy childhood memories are made outdoors. Humans are meant to be outside, running around and exploring their environment – not inside in front of a screen all day.

On the flipside, playing outside:

  • plants the seeds for a lifetime of outdoor activities and valuable experiences.
  • supports crucial sensory development.
  • combats obesity and assists in developing balance.
  •  prevents issues with eyesight, specifically myopia.
  • creates a stronger immune system.
  • inspires individuals who will fight to preserve the environment later in life.

Sawyer was born from a group of people who had a passion for sports, the outdoors, and a good touch of childhood nostalgia.

From the very beginning, Sawyer has always been about family, community, and the natural environment. Their team is constantly looking for ways to lower their environmental impact, encourage creativity and lifestyle balance, and support and serve their local community. They’ve partnered with local schools to fundraise for educational resources, and strive to be a trusted resource for parents.

They’ve also partnered with a local Utah artist to create unique, whimsical designs that you can’t get anywhere else – and we’re all about supporting local artists here on TeeHunter!

Above all, they want to instill the spirit of adventure in future generations of kids.

In their words:

Check out their incredible designs below, follow Sawyer on Instagram, or visit their website to learn more about them.