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Meet Nick, Carien and Oli


Nick and Carien are the co-founders of what seems to be in our books, a machine gun full of happy bullets, except they do t-shirts and for this they needed the help of the hand lettering designer, Oli. And that’s how MotivateTee was born. Nick shared a few thoughts with us below:

MotivateTee is a brand focussed on positive designs. We are all about making a positive fashion statement and increasing positivity ‘one tee at a time’. What you wear can make a difference to how you feel. If you put on one of our positive message Tees, you will feel an extra sense of motivation and it will spread to others too, through positive interactions with the people you meet.

We are a new brand and we believe in our positive movement very strongly. In 2016 we are going to focus on these 3 things;

1. More designs – reaching out to artists and designers to contribute positive designs in return for commission on sales.
2. Official charity partnerships – We are in conversations with charities so that contributions from sales can go to good causes.
3. Measuring positive change – We will measure the positive impact that MotivateTee makes through sales and studies on how many ‘smiles’ a positive Tee can spread in an average day.

A great part of what they are doing is the “generosity program” – Really, you must have had someone ask you where you got X t-shirt or Y blouse, right? Well, they empower you with a coupon code that gives benefits both to you and to the person looking to buy the t-shirt. That’s perfect for word of mouth marketing. More illustrated below and we hope you like their t-shirts, they are now part of our gallery on TeeHunter.