Flag Day International

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Flag Day International LLC is a passion project.  My love of travel and sports led me to start Flag Day International.  No matter what country I traveled to the citizens had pride in their country and displaying your flag is a way to show your patriotism. Being a sports fan led my desire to be an owner. I wanted to have a team logo so I combined patriotism, pride, and winning to create the Buy the Apple Pie logo.

The Buy the Apple Pie logo for Flag Day International LLC was inspired by my birthday on Flag Day June 14th, apple pie as my favorite dessert and being synonymous with Americana.

What if America had a sports logo or cartoon symbol?  This is what I believed it would look like.  I wanted the logo to be immediately recognizable and distinct from any other logo.

The logo is a patriotic symbol looking to capitalize on patriotic holidays: President’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day (June 14th), Independence Day (July 4th), Constitution Day, Veterans Day, and Election Day.

The Buy the Apple Pie t-shirts are printed on premium 100% cotton Direct to Garment (DTG) printed shirts. Future Flag Day International projects will be replica championship rings and also additional countries.

Buy the Apple Pie!

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