East Van Tees

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Creative expression, original artwork, and unique designs are some of the things that come to mind when you look at an East Van Tee. This company, recently founded by a brother/sister duo in Canada are bringing original urban expression to the apparel space.


Sister designer, Alicia has been sketching for years and always had artistic inclinations. Whenever friends and family would view her work they would always ask for their very own sketch, or wondered where they could buy more of it. Brother founder, Sebastian decided it was time to display the work in a way that everyone could enjoy. Thus, East Van Tees was born. They felt the original designs expressed the unique vibe that is East Vancouver.

Alicia and Sebastian are constantly creating original designs that everybody will love and be excited to own and wear. New concepts and sketch designs are added to their site on a weekly basis. Stay tuned for original horoscopes signs that you can only get through them!

To see more of what they have to offer, check them out at www.eastvantees.com – and don’t forget to use the promo code FIRSTBUY15 – to get 15% off your first purchase.







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