Dobrador Shopateria

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Originally, Linda McClure just wanted to create a website for her dog, Beez. She bought the domain,, in 2001. The Shopateria was born in March of 2015 in order to feature her sweet designs. The Shopateria features all sorts of different products, ranging from mugs, posters, sweatshirts, totes, and, of course, t-shirts.

There’s something for everyone. You can find designs ranging from pop culture (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter), technology (geeks ‘r’ us!), food (coffee, bacon, chocolate…OMG), dogs (Fiberian Hufky!), and pretty much anything else she feels like putting up at any given time.

The Shopateria aims to be accessible to everyone, so you won’t find anything that’s sexually explicit, uses strong language, political attacks, or anything demeaning, degrading, or generally insulting.

So, browse around!

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