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Concrete Coast was founded by an awesome guy named Connor. It all began through some t-shirt and longboard design contests in 2012. Skateboarding has always been a huge part of Connor’s life, and he wanted to create t-shirt designs that reflected a passion for the sport, and not just a huge company logo.

Concrete Coast is about creating a real skate community and uniting skaters who spend their days on a board, and once they get off it, can’t wait another minute to get back out there and shred! The brand features awesome designs that are created by the skate community itself. The designs are featured on high-quality boards that are built in Denver, Colorado.

As the brand has grown, their friends and fellow longboard companies have as well. Concrete Coast is more than just a t-shirt brand. It includes the best of local US small brands, as well as featuring their own boards and tees. Their ultimate goal?: Get more people to skate every day, build a community around skating, and educate new skaters so they can enjoy riding a board from day one. Who doesn’t want to support something like that?

The best part? Every order from Concrete Coast directly supports these small companies so they can develop the highest quality boards, build community, and share their passion.

You can follow Concrete Coast’s blog here to learn more about them.

Here’s a Couple of Their Awesome Designs:

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