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NINE-TWO Apparel is an online/on-demand t-shirt shop idealized by two young boys and brought to fruition with the help of their parents. In a nutshell, NINE-TWO offers vintage inspired t-shirts, customized ice hockey lifestyle apparel, and an exclusive t-shirt subscription service that provides monthly curated packages of NINE-TWO brand apparel catering to each member’s personal preferences.


The Story Behind NINE-TWO Apparel:
“Build something, measure it… and then learn from it” is what our dad said from his office at home while he was on a conference call. My brother Colin and I were interested and we asked him how do you do that? He gave us markers and a whiteboard and whispered, “Start with Why.”

So imagine this… it was your dad’s or your mom’s birthday and you wanted to buy them a very nice t-shirt. So you go to a retail store to find the right style and the right designs… you do and you notice these shirts are very expensive. Then you head over to the discount section and there are shirts that are 70% off… Why is that? You don’t find what you’re looking for and leave disappointed…

You go online and find some cool stuff… but it was very confusing to decide on too many choices. Again, not a fun experience.

After thinking about this experience that a lot of people go through, Colin and I started to brainstorm ideas on “why” shopping can be complicated and expensive, “how” we can change the experience, and “what” we can do to challenge the current process. And have doing so…

We did our research and found that in traditional retail a designer shirt is marked up 8x by the time it reaches the customer. If we create an online only shop, we could improve the experience and eliminate expenses and pass these savings on. And finally, we felt if we could do this through our love of t-shirts that have great designs and are great quality we could simplify the shopping experience.

Simply put—love your shirt because we do.


Aiden & Colin

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