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Kevin Cobban

I love video games enough to write about them. Follow me @kevin_cobban

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Xcom – Resist the enemy.

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Blog Posts

Clash Royale – The Strategy Guide for Beginners

Released earlier this month, Clash Royale has been dominating the mobile-game market. It is the most downloaded game on Google Play and the App Store, and I expect it to remain at the top for quite awhile. So what makes Clash Royale…

by on Apr 04, 2016

6 reasons why Far Cry Primal’s world will blow you away

Unlike most video games, which get complete artist freedom when creating their world , Far Cry Primal’s world is based off historic regions and tribes that existed over 10,000 years ago. Game developers, Ubisoft, truly wanted to make an authentic…

by on Feb 27, 2016

Heroes of the Storm: Hybrid Support Guide

Having a support on the team is absolutely essential when creating a balanced team in Heroes of the Storm. But there will be games where having a traditional healing support can actually hurt your chances at winning. Maybe matchmaking decided…

by on Feb 12, 2016

Surviving Ironman: The Ultimate Guide to XCOM

  Surviving Ironman: A Guide to XCOM The rumors are true; playing XCOM: Enemy Within on Ironman is no joke. Ironman is an option that disables reverting back to old saves. Every move you make is permanent and one small…

by on Jan 29, 2016
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