LYVELY Holiday Giveaway: $200 in gift cards to 3 winners

by on Nov 24, 2018

LYVELY Holiday Giveaway: $200 in gift cards

It’s time to announce another giveaway. We couldn’t be more excited about this one.

The brand LYVELY was created with a blend of passion, extensive experience, and a burning desire to impact the world. Its founder, Aziz, has a bold vision for his brand:

“In everything we do, we believe in a world where men inspire and motivate each other, challenge the status quo, rise to their fullest magical potential by embracing their truth and impacting the world. To achieve our mission, we created LYVELY. An inspirational, streetwear and lifestyle fashion brand and apparel for all young, active, and enlightened men, whose personality traits will resonate with our smartly polished yet simple, authentic designs.”

To celebrate the arrival of LYVELY to Teehunter, we’ve teamed up with them to bring you this holiday giveaway. $200 in gift cards will be given to three winners, allowing them the opportunity to select from LYVELY’s ultra high-quality products.

The prizes go like this:

1st Prize: $125 in gift cards
2nd Prize: $50 in gift cards
3rd Prize: $25 in gift cards

The giveaway is super easy to enter and bonus entries are received for sharing the giveaway with family and friends.

Good luck!

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