Announcing the Winners of the Flag Day Int’l Americana Giveaway

by on Jul 03, 2018

It’s Independence Day week which means it’s time for BBQ’s, fireworks, and fun with family and friends.

It’s also time to give away a huge prize package from Flag Day International.

The Flag Day Int’l Americana Giveaway has been one of the most popular giveaways we’ve ever run, with thousands of people from all over the world participating. The message from Flag Day is one that resonates, especially at this time of the year, and that message is that wherever it is you call home, you should love the things that are good about that place and share them with others.

Now, here are the winners…

1st prize of $100 gift card, 5 T-shirts, 1 Tumbler, 1 Cup: Vicki L. Barnett-Owens of Covington, Kentucky
2nd prize of 3 T-shirts, 1 Cup : Jennifer Vautrin of Amsterdam, New York
3rd prize of 1 T-shirt, 1 Cup: David McCormick of Fulton, Missouri

Congratulations and thanks for participating. We’ll be contacting you about your prizes shortly!


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