Announcing the Winners of the Sharp Shirter $325 Save The Wildlife Giveaway

by on May 09, 2018


Before we announce the winners, we need to give a huge shout out to Sharp Shirter. A lot of brands talk about giving back to a cause bigger than themselves, only to come up a bit short in that area. Not Sharp Shirter. Their love for wildlife isn’t just evident in their t-shirt designs, but also by the fact that they give a portion of each sale they make to the African Wildlife Foundation. This has resulted in over $30,000 donated to the foundation thus far. Nice work, Sharp Shirter!

Here are the winners:

1st prize of $100 gift card and five tees: Eric Starling of Memphis, TN.
2nd prize of 3 tees: Lyn Lea of Aurora, CO.
3rd prize of 1 tee: Amy Deeter of Franklin, PA.

We currently have the Afro Space For The People Giveaway running with over $500 in prizes available. Be sure to get yourself entered!

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