Afro Space Giveaway: For The People

by on Apr 20, 2018

Afro Space For The People Giveaway

Afro Space founder Napoleon Love is a man on a mission.

Love’s cause is to bring people from all walks of life together, and he seeks to do so through his new brand Afro Space. The purpose of his brand is to create designs that engage the urban, music, and skateboard communities. He calls it an “American brand that brings people together and sparks communication about how we as humans are more embracing of humanity.”

To celebrate the arrival of this new brand, we’ve partnered with Afro Space to give away a huge prize package totaling over $500 across three different winners.

You can enter daily and receive bonus entries for sharing with your family and friends.

1st prize: $100 gift card and 5 free t-shirts
2nd prize: 2 t-shirts and 1 matching tennis shoes
3rd prize: 1 t-shirt and backpack of choice

Fun fact: 10% of all profits go back to urban schools in order to provide backpacks filled with school supplies to kids in need.

 Here are a few designs from Afro Space:

Mean Mug Cigar V-Neck T-Shirt

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Bro's Toxic ALL Over Men's T-shirt

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Orange Toxic Skull All Over

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