Afro Space: For The People, By The People

by on Apr 04, 2018

“We wanted to provide exclusive t-shirts and gift items with cultural artwork that would appeal to all ages. People always want something original, that you won’t see in the stores or malls. We are eager to provide these very limited edition products!” – Napoleon Love, Founder and Creative Genius behind Afro Space.

According to Napoleon Love, Afro Space was started for the people and by the people in the Midwest, USA.  His goal was to create a Black ‘Ed Hardy’ feel in their designs to engage the urban, music, and skateboard communities. He calls it an “American brand that brings people together and sparks communication about how we as humans are more embracing of humanity.”

I recently had the chance to chat with Love about his brand and get a deeper look at what inspired him to create Afro Space.

Where is Afro Space Based?

Our headquarters are located in St. Louis Missouri but we are also opening a storefront internationally in Spring 2019. We are gearing up for our International presence and stage.

If you could sum up your brand in one or just a few words, What would it be?

Exclusively for the People …

Who inspired you to start your brand?

Logic, Jay Z, Cube, Biggie, 2 Chains, Drake

What do you want your brand to be known for?

I want the brand to be known for creative designs and products that are quality and are exclusively for the people. A brand that gives back to the community.

What inspires the artwork on your t-shirts?

Lucy in Africa.

What is your process of working with an artist?

I give a vision and let them go wild! If it fits great, if not scrap and back to the drawing board.

Has the power of networking been beneficial to your success?

It all depends on who you know and if your product will and or has been seen. I was approached by a big box retailer that wanted my designs in their stores but I want control over my product. I want it in a limited edition space. I only produce a certain amount of designs keeping it exclusive for the people.

What are some of your favorite quotes?

Old Skool

Be the change you want to see

Power to the People!

Take the HIGH ROAD! – Michelle Obama

What motivates you and those behind your brand?

To take 10% and give back to low socioeconomic children through filled backpacks and school supplies, it’s about the kids. We need to leave a legacy of hope and a trail of clues of success.

Are there any books, articles, blogs, etc you would recommend to inspiring entrepreneurs/artists?

To look into one’s self and be everything others said you can’t!

Where can we find Afro Space online:


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