The Giveaway: Over $250 Prize Package!

by on Mar 09, 2018

Nerdy Shirts Giveaway

Following up on the success of their Crazy Dogs T-Shirt brand, Bill Kingston and his team have unveiled their new brand,

They feature modern and vintage style nerd t-shirt designs on the softest cotton apparel available. Their shirts are currently available in sizes small up through 5XL, and are designed to fit like a modern adult unisex tee. They have women’s shirts, which tend to be a little snug, fitting more like a juniors cut. They also have shirts for kids, as well as maternity shirts for expecting mothers. To top it off, they have their hilarious flip t-shirts which make for awesome gifts.

To celebrate the arrival of their new designs and styles, has decided to offer up one of the BIGGEST prize packages in the history of Teehunter giveaways. It goes like this:

1st prize: $100 gift card and 5 tees
2nd prize: 3 tees
3rd prize: 1 tee

Yep, over $250 in gear spread across three winners. As always, you can share with your family and friends for bonus entries.

Good luck!!!

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