TV Show T-Shirts From Your Favorite Shows

by on Jan 30, 2018

If you love a TV show, there is no better way to let the world know then to wear it on your chest like a superhero badge. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. You can go the direct route: rock a tee with the name of the show. The other way is to rock a tee with some reference to the show, one that only a true fan would recognize. The more obscure, the more cool points you get when someone points and calls out the show. These shirts are a mix of the two.

TV Show T-Shirts From Your Favorite Shows

Parks and Recreation—Ron Swanson

After a brush with Conan and a good stint on Saturday Night Live, Amy Poehler carved herself a new path on the fresh comedy stylings of Parks and Rec. But, it was Nick Offerman who pried his way into the hearts of fans with his Ron Swanson character. Only true fans will look at your shirt and whisper, “you had me at meat tornado.”

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Stranger Things—Eleven Leggo Obsession

Few shows will curl into the hearts of fans more tightly than this ‘80s throwback king. From the title sequence font choices to the theme music and the cast, plus the endless nods to ‘80s lore, Stranger Things appeals to anyone who survived the Reagan years. But, only true fans will know that Eleven can’t get enough Eggos.

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Game of Thrones—The King in the North


The King In The North

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Even George R.R. Martin fans agree: Games of Thrones is so good, as in, sooo good. True fans saw the potential in the bastard, John Snow, way back in season one. When they finally crowned him “the king of the north,” those same fans nodded like they knew all along. When they see your tee, they’ll also know you’re a king… of good taste.

Game of Thrones—Winter is Coming


Stark Seal Winter Is Coming T-shirt

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The longest promise ever made by a TV series is that at some point, someday—hopefully before the show goes off the air—winter will arrive. In the land of Westeros, winter doesn’t arrive every year, not the way we understand it in our world. When it comes, times are hard. That’s gotta be one helluva summer break afterward, though. Plenty of time to pick out some chain-metal board shorts to surf the breaks at the Iron Islands.

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Star Trek—Scotty

If you’re nerdy enough to know that Montgomery Scott was one of the last people to enjoy real alcohol, then you’ll appreciate the suggestion that he brewed his own Whiskey. We’re assuming that’s a Scotch Whiskey. Of course, Scotty would never go with the red version of this t-shirt, and you’re nerdy enough to know why.

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Fargo—Bemidji Police


POLICE Bemidji MN \ Fargo

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It’s all your favorite characters from the movie, recast with some big-name actors, all plodding through life in North Dakota and northern Minnesota. Key to the plot, as fans know, is the competent detective work of the Bemidji police, don-cha-know? Yes, there is really a place called Bemidji. They’d like it if you’d stop prank calling with fake wood chipper crimes. Wear this tee instead.

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The Walking Dead—Negan


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No scene in the show, The Walking Dead will eclipse the carnage and pain found in the baseball bat scene. No character will make a more impactful entrance than Negan. Only fans who watched the end of Glenn with both eyes open will appreciate this tee. Also, you’re a sick person for wearing it.

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The Office—Straight Outta Scranton


michael scott

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In fairness to Compton, Scranton is tough in its own right. Alright, Scranton’s nothing compared to the streets of South Los Angeles. But, the steady cam style of The Office redefined situational comedy like no other show. That was pretty tough. Alright, so what if the British did it first? The American version of The Office is superior in every way. And tougher.

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Monty Python’s Flying Circus—Ministry of Silly Walk

Silly Road

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There are many fans of Monty Python, but only the true fans know the antics of The Flying Circus. With their nearly all-male cast, Monty Python perfected the art of crossing dressing men playing women’s roles. They taught us about the value of spam and lumberjacks, but they definitely defined the silly walk.

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Rick and Morty Doctor Who Mash Up

Few tees give the bearer a chance to flaunt two fanaticisms in one brilliant stroke of artistry. Anyway, face it: There are too many divisions within the Doctor Who fanbase to create an all-encompassing meme. Oh sure, the TARDIS, yeah but other than that, what? Anyway, this tee is a sweet nod to both.

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They could have called the show “Kramer,” he was so big. Literally, Kramer was the tallest character in the ensemble. On top of that, Michael Richards played him so big, Kramer stole every scene he was in. Donning the Kramer tee lets other Seinfeld fans know exactly where you stand.

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24—Bauer Power


24 Jack Bauer Power

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How many shows are so cool, the lead actor would dare to have a real tattoo applied rather than sit in makeup for a fake tattoo every day? Yup. Kiefer Sutherland did that. This tee is on the nose with your fandom, but please, wash after every wearing. In the real world, 24 hours doesn’t unfold over several months.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer—Sunnydale High School

Three words, Sarah, Michelle, Gellar. Also, there was Alyson Hannigan, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Seth Green. They all starred on the TV show sprung from the movie by the same name, what fans know simply as “Buffy.” True fans will smile when they spot your nod the Sunnydale high.

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The X-Files—The Truth is Out There in German

Here’s the truth. The X-Files was so good, it ran for a decade, then came back 14 years later for more. If there is any further evidence needed that folks believe the truth is out there, that is it. We can’t get enough Skully and Mulder. That said, you may have to translate this tee when not in Berlin, but it’s so worth it.

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Breaking Bad—The RV Lab

The RV T-Shirt

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Ah, this is where it all began; just two guys trying to make in this tough world with nothing but a dream and an RV. That, and a unique recipe for electric-blue crystal meth. When you wear this tee, pants are optional, but please, no gas masks. People tend to frown on that.

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Simpsons—Kwik E Mart

Kwik E Mart T-Shirt

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People who’ve never spent an hour watching the longest running show in history, The Simpsons, will ignore this shirt. They’ll think there’s really some kind of convenience store named “Kwik E Mart.” Sure there is. That’s where they sell the doughnuts with the pink frosting. Mm, doughnuts.

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