25 Last Minute T-Shirt Gifts Ideas

by on Dec 08, 2017

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to tell you that it’s almost Christmas. And if you’ve not finished (or started) your shopping yet, you’re friends and family are going to get whatever you end up finding at the one drug store that’s open Christmas Eve (though, I could use some Tums after eating Mexican last night). But don’t panic… your friends here at TeeHunter have you covered.

Earlier this holiday season, we put out the TeeHunter 2017 Gift Guide. Maybe that helped with most of your gifts, but you still have a few of those people who it’s impossible to shop for on your list. Well… here are some ideas for all types.

I hope you already got something for your mom. If not, AND if she just happens to be a big Star Wars Fan…

I know it would then be tempting to get your father a “I am your father” t–shirt. But I suggest something that’s more of his personality.

You may feud with your sister through out the year, but around the holiday, your bickering cools (either that or you freeze her out completely).


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$20 $20.00

And maybe your brother is a movie buff. I’m sure he love The Godfather.

The Brother T-Shirt

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The easiest thing to do is to get a shirt that matches their pop culture or fandom interests. Or… music. Are they into Heavy Metal?

Are they Goth?

Maybe Reggae?

When in doubt… The Beatles.

Or do they just REALLY like Tim Burton?

Maybe they’re more silly Monty Python fanatics.

A Very Silly Shirt

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$20.00 $20.00

Star Wars?

Just Breathe! T-Shirt

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or Star Trek?

Boldly Go T-Shirt

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Or better yet, Firefly.


firefly in the sky (v2)

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$23.50 $21.15



Spider Man

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$20.00 $20.00

or Wonder Woman?

For those TV fanatics, there’s Game of Thrones T-Shirts.

When in doubt, go Stranger Things.


Stranger Things: Run

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$20.46 $18.41

Breaking Bad

Are they into video games? I’m sure they’re playing some version of Pokemon!

The Fire King

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$20.00 $20.00

Get your brother something Super Mario.

Super Squad

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Or Assassin’s Creed.


Master Assassin

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$24 $20.40

Or just get them something silly:

Bacon Con T-Shirt

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Reality Tee

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Still not sure? Check out The Best T-Shirts of 2017. There’ve gotta be some great last minute gift ideas in that

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