The Best Sons of Gotham Shirts of 2017

by on Dec 14, 2017

By now, you’ve heard me brag about all the great Marvel and DC T-Shirts you can find at Sons of Gotham. I’ve showcased many of them as each superhero movie popped into theaters in 2017 (and before). But even those articles barely covered the amazing amount of cool superhero shirts available from Sons of Gotham. So I’m here again to list some of the best selling Sons of Gotham shirts of 2017.

Don’t be fooled, Sons of Gotham do more than just superhero T-Shirts. They cover you by covering every major pop culture fandom. And if you keep scrolling, you’ll find Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Betty Book and even Gilmore Girls T-Shirts.

But first, let’s take a trip to comic book land. DC may still be struggling at the box office. Justice League did not do as well as expected. Which is a little sad when you think of how iconic the CD characters are. Well, no matter what’s happening on the big screen, there’ll always be cool silk screens at Sons of Gotham.

Best Sons of Gotham Shirts of 2017

And my personal favorite:

Meanwhile at Marvel, they’ve got the recipe for success. Movies! Netflix! Kinda sorta network TV! There’s no signs of slowing. Same with Sons of Gotham!

And my personal favorite:

A couple of the best of the the best of Sons of Gotham’s Star Wars collection.


Star Wars – Animal

from Sons of Gotham added by
$19.00 $17.10

And the rest…

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