Our Top 12 Christmas T-Shirts From Fandoms You Love

by on Nov 14, 2017

Christmas is almost a month away. Have you ever thought about what your favorite characters from fandoms like Marvel, Doctor Who, or Game of Thrones would do this time of the year? If you’re a huge nerd like me, you’ve read your fair bit of fanfiction about the Doctor decorating the TARDIS with mistletoe, or about Avengers Christmas Parties held up in the Stark Tower…oh, and obviously there’s Harry Potter. JK Rowling actually writes about Christmas celebrations in those books!

With all of this holiday cheer going around, we thought we’d go ahead and pull out our top 12 Christmas t-shirts for geeks and nerds everywhere. This is the kind of awesome stuff you’re going to want to be wearing to your next holiday party. These are shirts that make awesome conversation starters about your favorite books or movies – shirts that might even spark a friendship from someone who sees it and goes “hey, I like that show too!”

After all, that’s what spreading that good old holiday cheer is all about!

Without further ado, here are those shirts:

12. Doctor Who: CELEBRATE!

Celebrate! T-Shirt

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Even Daleks aren’t immune to the holiday spirit! Doctor Who has had its fair share of Christmas episodes. Which ones are your favorite? Personally, I love 2011’s The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe with the Eleventh Doctor the best.

11. Marvel: Christmas Groot

When you don’t have a tree…there’s nothing to worry about. Just decorate your friendly neighborhood Groot! This ‘lil guy looks great with a star on his head, doesn’t he?

10. Big Hero 6: Santa Baymax

Christmas Bae T-Shirt

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Minimalistic, iconic, and utterly adorable. Who doesn’t want to see Baymax in a Santa hat? Just look at his face!

9. DC: BatClaus…Santabat?

batman Christmas T-Shirt

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I don’t know. You tell me. Should we dub him BatClaus, SantaBat…or the Dark Santa? The Claus Knight? Let us know in the comments! Even the Night itself has to show a little holiday cheer every once in a while.

8. Game of Thrones: Santa is Coming


Santa is Coming

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The Night King is actually Santa Claus. Yep. That’s George R.R. Martin’s grand plan all along. You heard it here first!

7. Harry Potter: Muggle Sweater

You wouldn’t buy this for yourself. You’re not a muggle. No, you buy this as a benevolent gift to your muggle family and friends. [Snape voice:Obviously.

6. Stranger Things: Mouth Breather

If you want to be downright insulting, here’s the shirt for you! Pick up El’s favorite insult on a t-shirt, and offend your family at Christmas while you’re at it. If they’ve seen Stranger Things, they’ll get your shirt. If they haven’t, well, they’re mouth breathers…right?

5. Game of Thrones: Ho, Ho, Hodor!

The pun was too perfect. We couldn’t resist.

4. Studio Ghibli: Christmas Totoro

Our neighbor, Totoro, is super in to the holiday spirit. Are you?

3. H.P. Lovecraft: The Christmas Horror

We all know Santa Claus isn’t real, but Cthulhu certainly is. Why not start teaching the kiddos about the horror beneath the sea early?

2. Stranger Things: Merry Strangemas

R. U. N.

1. Star Wars: I Find Your Lack of Cheer Disturbing

Darth Vader may be many things, but he’s not a Grinch. If a Sith can love Christmas, what’s your excuse?

Which of these t-shirts are your favorite? Let us know in the comments! If you’re looking for an awesome Christmas gift, don’t forget to head over to our holiday coupon and sales guide before you do any shopping. Happy Holidays!



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