12 Clever Last-Minute Halloween Costumes…In Case You Forgot

by on Oct 26, 2017

Halloween is less than a week away! I know some of us have been planning our costumes since last Halloween, gathering materials, building the components, and planning our hair and makeup. Others…well…we got invited to a Halloween party at the last minute and have to put on something lest our friends think we’re totally lame. Either that, or you’re a parent with kids who want to go trick or treating and they’re demanding you wear a costume while you’re out.

Whatever your Halloween-related emergency, we’re here to rescue you. You can go as all sorts of things for Halloween with minimal effort and just a little thought. Here’s twelve clever t-shirts you can wear, so that that when you’re at that Halloween party and someone asks “where’s your costume?”, you can honestly answer: “I’m wearing it!”.

1. Arya Stark


A Girl Has No Costume

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Who doesn’t want to be a badass for Halloween?

Besides, this way when someone asks: “what are you supposed to be?”, you can look them dead in the eye and answer: no one.

2. Jaqen H’ghar

Unless you have a particular sense of humor, dudes are going to want to go with this version of the shirt.

3. Harambe

Or, you can risk triggering everyone at your party. Why not go as everyone’s favorite deceased gorilla? RIP Harambe.

4. Scary Dad…Or Mom

To embarrass your kids…and maybe yourself.

5. Peter Griffin

To get the ultimate effect, pair this with some green slacks and your worst pair of loafers.

6. Marty McFly

No comment needed. This is too perfect.

7. Are You Even Trying?


Lame Halloween Costume

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$21 $18.90

No but seriously. If you’re feeling completely lazy, you can go with this one. At least you might earn a couple sensible chuckles.

8. I Don’t Think You Tried At All…the Sequel


Halloween 404

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$23 $20.70

Gold star for effort?

9. I Don’t Think You Tried At All…Part III


Last Minute Halloween Costume T Shirt

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We’re not even sure if this gets a star for effort. Maybe a poorly drawn star. Or a smiley-face sticker.

10. Batman

To get the full effect, throw a button-down over this and walk around the party with your best Batman impression. When people get confused, throw open the shirt and shout: “‘Cause I’m Batman!” 

11. Superman…or Superwoman


Superman – Tattered Shield

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$25.00 $22.50

This is also an awesome option. Just throw your button down on over the shirt and add a pair of glasses, and you’re immediately Clark Kent. You just need to find your Lois Lane.

12. Cthulhu In Disguise

It’s terrifying, really.

The best part? If you get one of these t-shirts, you’ll never have to work on a Halloween costume again!

Happy Halloween!

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