What Cause Do YOU Support? Say It With a Tee

by on Sep 05, 2017

What’s your passion? Are you a save the environment kind of person, or an animal rescuer, or an activist for human rights? Nearly everyone cares about something. Why not say it with a tee? Here at TeeHunter, we’ve collected a lot of tees that support good causes around the globe. For many of these brands, the money you spend on your t-shirt has a direct impact helping someone else. Even better – you can advertise your good cause and get more and more people on board.

Passionate About the Environment?

These tees are made by brands that use ethical sourcing and natural materials. They’re designed to be as low-impact as possible on the environment. Each Vivid Roots t-shirt purchase provides people around the globe with clean water.

What about declining populations of the world’s beautiful animals? Support the conservation of endangered and threatened species with this t-shirt, Don’t Let Us Disappear supports conservation efforts around the globe, and uses environmentally friendly materials:

Passionate About Animal Rights?

What if you’re passionate about animal rights, and helping homeless animals find care? Right on! We’ve got some tees for that, too. These tees are sourced from the Animal Rescue Site. Every single purchase goes to feeding and sheltering animals in need.

What About Human Rights?

We’ve got tees for that, too. Some of these tees go to supporting LGBTQA+ acceptance. Others go to supporting local charities in places like Kenya, who help children affected by AIDS and provide education for impoverished communities. Here are some examples:

Want To Support Someone Directly? Meet Smiling Times

Want to have a more direct impact on global activism? Why not partner with Smiling Times? Smiling Times is a t-shirt brand designed by Nelson Santos. It’s created to have a positive impact on the world. The mission? Spread love. Proceeds from Smiling Times t-shirts go to a variety of different charitable organizations around the world.

On top of that, the proceeds also support Nelson on a global journey of volunteering. Nelson began volunteering years ago, and he’s fallen in love with it. He’s volunteered all over the world. You can follow his journey on Instagram, volunteer with him, or just support his work by purchasing a tee. Check ’em out below, or take a look at Smiling Time’s brand page.


Want MORE High-Impact Tees? Visit Our ‘Good Cause’ Collection. We Have More.

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