30 Halloween T-Shirts For The Perfect Costumes

by on Sep 23, 2017

Fall is officially here! And with that, Halloween time! If you’re like me, Halloween blows Christmas away. You’re counting the days and thinking of all the fun things to do (and read) to put you in the Halloween spirit.

But the biggest decision to make at this time of year is: what are you going to dress up as? Halloween fanatics have been plotting this since last November. Or, like me this year, you’re freaking out because you haven’t yet decided on a costume.

And maybe, just maybe, you love Halloween but just don’t want to put too much effort into a costume. Whatever will you do? Well, I have some great suggestions for you for some great costume t-shirts (sometimes called “all overs” in the biz). With just a few additions, they transform you into some of the best pop culture characters.

We’ll start with superheroes since they always very popular this time of year. I’ve always been a fan of the Clark Kent into Superman and Bruce Wayne into Batman.

You and your best friend can go as Batman and Robin.

Have more friends? Why not go as the rest of the Justice League?


Jla – New Flash Costume Adult Ringer T- Shirt

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For Wonder Woman, I suggest just a logo shirt… for both sexes:

If you’re more of a Marvel Fan, Spider-Man is sure to be big this year:


Spider-Man Costume T-Shirt | TeeShirtPalace

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As well as Thor, in anticipation of Ragnarok.

Thor Costume Shirt

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Or an X-Man or two.


Classic Logan

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If you like some of the older superheroes, try Flash Gordon on The Phantom.

And then there’s Astro-Boy. But it may be a little uncomfortable attaching a rocket to your butt…

There are some cool Family Guy shirts if you want to be one of those crazy characters. Though I’d be interested to see what you do for their somewhat… exaggerated features. Giggity!

Or go old school. Before there was Stewie, or even Bart Simpson, there was Dennis the Menace.

Got lots of green makeup from past Halloweens you don’t know what to do with? Why not Shrek yourself!

Or be Gumby, damnit!

Rather not be an animated character or a superhero? Here are some other, familiar, well, chests that you need to put faces to.

If you like to think like McFly.

Or have a case of Saturday Night Fever.

Use your pure imagination to run a chocolate factory.

Rather show off your flair for flair?

Or dress as somebody we all love. Red wig not included.

If somebody killed your father, that can now prepare to die.

Or are you just a Son of Anarchy?

Maybe your costume needs more cowbell!

And you don’t have to work out for months to dress like Rocky Balboa.

Don’t want to be a character from a movie or TV show. Why not just spill your guts…


Skinny Adult All Over Print 100% Poly T-Shirt

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Happy haunting!!!

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