Twelve Faces T-Shirt Review

by on Aug 08, 2017

If there’s one thing I’ve said multiple time in my T-shirt blogs, it’s that the images we choose to wear are a great way to break the ice and start conversations. I’ve actually made friends because of the shirts I’ve worn (even once had somebody offer to buy one off my back). I knew I wasn’t the only person who felt that, but I recently stumbled on to a t-shirt company that’s turned that idea up to eleven. Or twelve, rather.

Twelve Faces is a recently launched brand who are on a mission to promote connection and conversation. To do that, they’ve created some interesting shirts that help communicate self-expression. As they note in their press kit video, people are labeling each other with “dead end” labels these days that end the conversation. They suggest start labeling yourself with open-ended labels that invite conversation and connection.


That’s their game plan. So… what makes their t-shirts different from all the others out there? Well, first off, each “label” has twelve iconic images relating to said label. And by icon, I do mean icons. Like items you’d find in Zaph Dingbats or Wingdings. But as with good icons, these simple line drawings communicate a great deal.


The hard part is going to be narrowing it down to a label that describes you best. Twelve Faces seems to have almost every interest covered. When it comes to hobbies and interests, they got you covered for everything from readers, to sports, to music, to name a few. Or you can show off who you are or your perfusion, they have a great mix, from doctor to custodian, from tour guide to spy, from old man to baby.


I usually wear pop culture themed shirts to show off the things I like. Though Twelve Faces does not seem to have license to characters (but I have a feeling big companies will want to jump on this bandwagon soon), they have more suggestive t-shirts, that are a lot more interesting that just a picture of a superhero or space ship. They got shirts that are suggestive of Harry Potter, James Bond and Star Wars. As well as basic zombies, aliens and vampires.


Rather show off your favorite decade or time in history? They have shirts themed for specific decades, historical periods and seasons. March to a different drum beat? Don’t worry, they got shirts for bondage, pants and pineapples. Again, the tricky bit was narrowing it down. You’ll want more than one.


As for myself, as much as I hate having to validate myself as a playwright (yes, blogging is just my “day job”), I couldn’t resist the Playwright shirt. It had the comedy/tragedy masks, a quill pen and a guy with his head down on his desk like I am most of the time. So perfect. And already got some notice at a theater event the other night.


Twelve Faces have shirts for various decades. Of course I had to get 1980, since I’m still stuck in the days of big hair and shoulder pad. So I’ll proudly wear a shirt showing off the best of that decade:


And how could I resist the summoning of this vampire shirt:


That could spark a conversation with even the most brooding of Goths.

And of course, it’s nice to have a chance to show off my state pride:


The shirts come in a choice of five colors, that nicely show off the icon images. The material of the shirts are comfortable and fit nicely. They’re well-made shirts that are sure to start some great conversations.

Do you know which shirt you’d want to label yourself for discussions? Check ’em out at Twelve Faces!

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