How to Promote Your T-Shirts by Uploading to TeeHunter

by on May 02, 2017 exists to help people discover their next favorite t-shirt. Without t-shirts, the site wouldn’t exist. We upload t-shirts on our own all the time but we can’t possibly get to all of them! We depend on t-shirt brands, artists and enthusiasts to upload their favorite t-shirts to share with the world!

How to upload T-shirts:

Once you get to this point, you’ve got two options. Option A is intended to be a quick and efficient way to upload tshirt. Sometimes because of variations in website structure and designs, the photo populated by the quick upload may not be the one you intended. For this reason, we have Option B as a way to use a custom photo and manually upload your tshirt. Each are equally effective ways to get your shirts included on our site!


Option B is a solution that works for all types of tshirt and web files and styles. Use option B if option A is curating an incorrect image. This option is also great if you want to ensure your photos are high definition. The best size photo is a minimum of 600px by 800 px (although a bit smaller will still work ok).


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