These Pug T-Shirts Are Everything

by on Apr 04, 2017

The internet concurs: pugs are just plain cute. We didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose us. What with their squished-in little faces, their buggy eyes, and their ridiculous, stupidly adorable stubby legs – pugs are pretty much God’s gift to mankind, and these pug t-shirts will prove it.

I mean, what better dog breed is there to make awesome puns with (besides corgis, maybe)? And what is it about these dorky little pups that makes them so loveable?

Pugtato T-Shirt

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Maybe it’s the fact that they resemble a potato…

Or maybe it’s the fact that pugs are so tiny they feel like you could just fit them in your pocket and go about your day.

Their size might be what makes us love them so much, because humans are weird, and we like tiny, ugly, squishy things. Pugs also have a habit of screaming when they get really excited, which makes us wonder…do humans like pugs so much because they kind of resemble other small, ugly, squishy things that scream? Science has proven that humans think certain animals are cute because they resemble our own offspring. Maybe that’s the case with pugs.

Warhol Style Pug

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Besides, it’s an undisputed fact that pugs look great in any color.

Pugs Not Drugs One Color T-shirt

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…And pugs are way better than drugs. If Walter White had started a business selling pugs, and not crystal meth, we’d only have one season of Breaking Bad.

Awesome puns and television references aside, let’s not forget that pugs make very sophisticated pets. They fit in perfectly with works of fine art.



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They also look great in a pair of glasses, and love to peruse long works of literature.

The Hipster Reader

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They can be superheroes,


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Or pokemon,


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Or Disney princesses,



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Beauty and the Pug

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Or anything they want to be, because they’re pugs, and who are we to stand in the way of their dreams?


Pug Ride

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Pugs are a strange set of paradoxes. They’re so ugly, they’re cute. They’re tiny, but they always have big personalities. They’re sensitive, but can be tiny balls of ferocity when someone they love is in danger. Whether you have a pug that you’re in love with, or you’re just the average joe on the internet who’s pretty obsessed with pugs in general (don’t lie, you know who you are), we have to end this homage to the world’s squishiest dogs with just one piece of universal advice:

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