How To Repurpose Old T-shirts

by on Mar 02, 2017

When you’re done with a cherished t-shirt, there are only a few options left. If it’s still okay, you can donate it. It’s more likely you’ve worn the shirt within an inch of its life.

How dare you look at that wastebasket. There are so many valuable outlets for your creativity.

The destiny of your old tee is not the waste bin, but to live out its golden years in t-shirt retirement.

Even if there’s a hole or a stain you can’t remove (you need to read: How To Get Any Stain Out Of Your Favorite T-shirt), it ain’t ova’, no.

Here are five ways you can repurpose and love that t-shirt the way it loved you, unconditionally, forever until the end.

Heart Shaped Back

This by far the easiest of the bunch. Super manly-men, you can do this too, but hang skip ahead if you’re not into it. (Bookmark for Valentine’s Day.)

You need scissors and a steady hand. You don’t have to start with a shirt that has a hole in it, but you could save one that does. To get your heart shape even, find and fold the centerline of the back of the shirt.

Be sure to only cut the back. Cut only half the heart, just like making Valentine’s Day cards in grade school.

Viola! You’re bringing #sexyback, yep.

Braided T-shirt Rug

There’s a good chance your grandma had one of these, but it wasn’t as cool as the one you’re gonna have after you read this.

Collect as many old t-shirts as you can. It’s better to have too many than to stop so you can find more. The softer they are, the better.

You’ll cut the shirts into long strips of fabric. If you can, start at the bottom of your t-shirt and work around the body, unraveling it in a long strand of fabric. That way you’ll have less tying.

The braid is just that, a normal braid, but hooking into the last row once you get going. Once you get to the end of a strand, you can just tie another strand of t-shirt material into it then keep going.

Circles or ovals are the easiest shapes. You can buy foam piping at a craft store to run through the middle of your braids if you want it to look professional, but you don’t have to.

No-sew Bows T-shirt

This one is pretty simple. Cut a crescent line along the seam of your t-shirt, then cut straight across from side to side.

You’ll wind up with a half moon piece of fabric. That will be the center of your bow.

You might need to shape your piece into the exact shape you want, but you can attach it however you want.

Sewing it will last the longest, but hot glue or even staples will work in a pinch. Staples tend to move and get all stabby, though. Use glue if you’re not a seamstress.

T-shirt Dress

Manliest men… before you roll your eyes. You could use this one your advantage. Your old tees become gifts!

I’m kidding. Don’t give your lady an old tee thinking you’re so hawt.

You could, however, send her this blog and encourage her to pick out one of your shirts. That way she can take you with her all day.

The best part about this one is no cutting, no sewing. Just tuck and run.

Reusable Produce Bag

Everyone can appreciate this one. Grocery bags are all the rage, but what about produce?

If you pride yourself on your reusable bag collection, but shove all your produce in plastic bags, for shame. Those bags are terrible for your veggies but worse for the environment.

Instead, launder that old shirt, then sew the bottom of it shut. You don’t even have to know what you’re doing. This isn’t a fashion move.

Cut off the sleeves, cut out a handle, then snip holes to let your produce breathe. Start with less is more, lest your ‘matoes should roll away.

You can reinforce your bag with sewing on the cut edges to prevent stretching. Up to you.

If you like this kind of blog, say so. If you think we missed a good hack, let us know. Happy hacking!

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