How to Buy the Perfect T-Shirt Gifts

by on Mar 09, 2017

I know we are past the holiday season (and way too early to start thinking about the next one, I hope). But if you’re like me, you’re always thinking about what to buy people for special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, graduation… and even the Hallmark holidays of Mother’s and Father’s Day.


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For all those occasions, or even as a nice gesture to a friend or loved one, t-shirts make thoughtful gifts.

On one hand, it’s a very easy gift to give. Just buy somebody a shirt with something they like on it. That’s all well and good. But why just get somebody a good gift when you can get them a great gift. It doesn’t take much more work, and the results are sure to make the receiver very happy.

So here are some tips on how to buy the perfect t-shirt gifts.

Make Sure They Don’t Already Own It

You may know your friends and family well. But how intimately do you know their wardrobe? Could you say for certain that they do not own the cool shirt you’re thinking of buying them? Unless you live with each other (and from my experience, this is still not a guarantee), there’s no way of knowing every article of clothing another person owns.

This is where you’ll have to do a little footwork, or finger work. As you’re looking for shirts via our search engine, first off, ask yourself if you’d ever seen that design before. Even if you think you may have seen something similar to it, best not take a chance on it. Trust me when I tell you there are lots of t-shirt out there, and if you do a little digging you are sure to find something original. And check out what new shirts have been uploaded this week. Maybe there’ll be something perfect in there.

So don’t just grab the first shirt you find. Unless, of course, that one is super cool!

Be More Specific in Your Search

It’s easy just to grab a shirt of your recipient’s favorite television show, film franchise or rock band. But to get a more personal gift, try to find out who their favorite character is.


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Or their favorite film in a franchise.

Or favorite band member.

Do They Like Serious or Parody?

What kind of shirts does this person wear on a regular basis? Are they scenes from movies, quotes, characters, posters. Or do they like things that are a little more funny. Are they OK with making fun of the things they like?

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Or are they very serious about their fandom.

Just remember, if you do get them a parody shirt that they get the joke. Will save from having to answer: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Think Mash-Ups

Can you think of two things that the person your buying for really loves. Like Harry Potter AND Snoopy. Or Calvin & Hobbes AND Star Wars. The odds are good that no matter what two you choose, there’s a t-shirt that combines them into what we like to call… a mash-up!

Mighty-Mickey T-Shirt

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So to recap, when you find the perfect shirt, ask: Do they have it? Is it something neither of you have seen before? Does it match their personality style as well as their fashion style? And even better if there is some shared history about the image on the shirt you chose (the first movie you saw together or something).

And for the love of everything… make sure you buy the shirt in the right size. I’m not sure what’s more insulting, when I get shirts that are too big or too small. But for a guy who’s always taken a small or medium, when friends get me an XL shirt, I wonder if this was just a re-gift from somebody else. So make sure you get the size right.

Enjoy your shopping!

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