16 Donald Trump T-Shirts That Tell The World Exactly What You Think

by on Mar 20, 2017

In case you hadn’t noticed, the United States elected a new president. Americans have some strong feelings on the matter. More importantly, they have some strong opinions.

This begs the question: why wear your feelings on your sleeve when you can plaster your opinion on your chest?

We want to help. Here are sixteen ways to shout to the world without speaking a word. Funny, I just noticed… it’s an even split down the middle… against and for.

Against: Not My President

Well, let’s just come right out with it. You voted for the other guy, er gal. Maybe guy, who knows. It’s nobody’s business, but you’re letting everyone know you didn’t vote for Trump. What.

For: Make America Great Again!

No expression better captures the Trump campaign than the slogan emblazoned on red baseball caps everywhere. Trump supporters know exactly who they need in the White House to get this country back on track.

Against: Science Not Silence

Subtle, but effective. The scientific community’s backlash against Trump is steeped in fears of science setbacks. Trump’s camp hasn’t been on the climate change bandwagon, nor have they supported the Paris Treaty. Let em know you’re into beakers and snow.

For: Trump That Bitch

Fans of Trump may actually find this Trump t-shirt offensive, but it’s clear who you supported for the election when you wear it. Hint: It’s wasn’t Rubio.

Against: Build Bridges Not Walls

Since early in Trump’s campaign, he made it clear he intended to finish the wall between the United States and Mexico. That, and we’re gonna make Mexico pay for it. Critics have compared it to Berlin’s wall, a waste of resources we will eventually tear down. Trump isn’t so sure, but you are when you wear this tee.

For: The Man. The Myth. The President

Nobody thought he could do it, not even Trump it seemed. Before the election, he was sure he would lose due to fraud on the part of the rigged political system in Washington. Trump’s rise to the White House is nothing short of legendary.

Against: Comb Over The Truth

The easy target on President Trump is the yellow coif on his head. Poor choice of words, sorry. Detractors of Trump like to pick on his hairstyle. This t-shirt is a clever play on the hair-apparent, that Trump combs his over.

For: Trump Hair Don’t Care

The other side of the coif, or coin, is that Trump only spends as much time as he needs on his hair. It’s not a toupee, but the Trump-doo can get wild in heavy winds. He’s too busy to be bothered. You get it. Your t-shirt proves it.

Against: Women Against Trump

Not every woman is against Trump, but there is a movement of women who are most certainly against him. This Trump t-shirt offers the double advantage of letting others know you’re a woman, for one, but that you don’t support the current president either. It’s a matter of efficiency.

For: Grab ‘Em By The P***Y

Let’s be fair, it’s probably not the worst thing Trump ever said. It was none of our business anyway, a conversation not intended for our ears. As he called it, it was locker room talk. Let the world know you’re not threatened by locker room talk with this swanky tee.

Against: Lego Trump

Everything is Lego these days. Those brains at NASA even have lego characters made from the women they’ve promoted. This t-shirt depicting Trump building a Lego wall is irony stacked on literal irony. It’s layers of comedy because otherwise, you’ll cry yourself to sleep.

For: Deplorable Lives Matter

Wear with caution, but pride. The obvious reference here is twofold: the Black Lives Matter movement and Hilary Clinton’s comments during the candidacy. You know, the when she cited at least half of Trump’s fan as deplorable. Ixnay on the erplorable-day, Ilary-Hay. That was Pig latin for “Dumb move, Hilary.” Let the world know you have no problem being one of the deplorables.

Against: F*** Donald Trump

This is, wow… it’s offensive. I’m offended, are you? Whoot! You can’t say things like that. Good thing you can wear them on your chest. There is no doubt where you stand when you wear this t-shirt.

For: Déplorable


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You can make any word fancier with an accent over the e. It becomes French, which everyone knows is classy. Consider their fries, high-class all day long. You’re taking Hilary in stride. She must have meant the classy version of the word since the déplorables won.

Against: Fake News Staff

Fake News Staff T-Shirt

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Fake news will define 2017. You know who’s behind it. It’s sites like Breitbart and Fox News. The deep irony of your sense of humor is you’ll wear a shirt that suggests you work for the enemy.

For: Fake News Staff

Fake News Staff T-Shirt

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Fake news will define 2017. You know who’s behind it. It’s sites like CNN and NBC. The deep irony of your sense of humor is you’ll wear a shirt that suggests you work for the enemy.

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