7 Times Celebs Wore Print T-shirts Featuring Other Celebs

by on Feb 24, 2017

Once upon a time, it was cool to wear a print t-shirt with the face of someone famous on it, like The Doors or even the frontman of that band, Jim Morrison.

Back then, we treated T-shirts like currency. Like the law that we allow no sitting president’s face on money, sitting celebrities could not appear on clothing.

Then someone broke the seal. Since then we’ve gone completely rogue. Brace yourself. What sounds innocent is about to get weird.

Kendall Jenner Wearing Miley Cyrus

Maybe it’s because they were both born in November. Perhaps it’s because both of their family names carry a history of scandal, who knows? Maybe Kendall is a true Miley fan. We know this much, the pair are not strangers. On more than one one red carpet record you can find evidence of them paling about, usually with the other Kardashian sisters.

Andrew Garfield Wearing Michael J. Fox

You may know him as Spiderman. Did you know Garfield was a fan of the Fox? He once confessed his fandom of Teen Wolf to Empire magazine. He didn’t mean the TV show, but the OG version starring Michael J. Fox. “‘Teen Wolf,’ he said, “is one of my favorite films of all time. If I’ve had a terrible day and am feeling down in the dumps, I can put on ‘Teen Wolf’ and by the time he’s doing a handstand on the top of Stiles’ truck, I’m giddy and pretty much crying with joy.”

Justin Bieber Wearing Tiffani Thiessen

Bieber would not have been born yet when Kelly Kapowski ran through the halls of Bayside High. Kapowski was the character played by Tiffani Thiessen on the T.V. show “Saved by the Bell.” Apparently, the age disparity didn’t matter to pre-tattooed Biebs. In 2011 he rocked this t-shirt featuring a sexy-looking Thiessen.

Tiffani Thiessen Wearing Justin Bieber

Thiessen must have been flattered. She reciprocated the Biebs with a shout of her own, sporting an even younger image of the sassy Canadian shortly thereafter. Look at the grin on her face. She knows what’s up.

Ryan Gosling Wearing Macaulay Culkin

Then things started to get weird. Ryan Gosling, the hunk from the Notebook, Drive, and La La Land, started something when he put on this t-shirt featuring Macaulay Culkin. At the time, Culkin was barely a blip on anyone’s radar. He was, um… that child star who did those movies but then killed somebody or something? (No.)

Macaulay Culkin Wearing Ryan Gosling

Thrusting Culkin into the spotlight, opportunity knocked on his door with a shirt featuring Gosling… wearing his shirt featuring Culkin. Everyone had a good laugh at the sense of humor expressed by Culkin and then sighed in relief to learn he was in fact not in jail. It turns out he didn’t kill anyone… not that we know of.

Ryan Gosling Wearing Macaulay Culkin Wearing Ryan Gosling

Then the train went completely off the rails. Gosling came back with the triple, a t-shirt featuring Culkin wearing a t-shirt featuring Gosling, featuring Culkin. If your head is spinning, you’d better not look at this…

Sorry about that…

Nick Cage Wearing Nick Cage?

To be honest, much like watching a film featuring Cage, I can’t decide if I’m impressed or offended. At least Cage didn’t start appearing in public wearing meta t-shirt featuring himself wearing shirts featuring himself, not yet at least.

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