Have a Holly Jolly and Silly Christmas with 25 Funny Holiday T-Shirts

by on Dec 14, 2016

There are two kinds of people during this time of year. Those who want to listen to classic holiday songs like “O Holy Night,” and those who prefer “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

That may be too much of a generalization, but as much as this time of year brings out the good will and joy in people, it also brings out a youthful silliness in some. These type prefer to give silly gifts, wear the most outrageous of Santa hats and will place mistletoe in the most awkward places.

If this is you, or you have somebody like this on your list, then you’re in luck. I’ve rounded-up 25 silly holiday shirts that will make you laugh, or groan, or both. Warning: Lot’s of bad word play ahead!

I would hope, if Santa existed-

Well, despite his existential crisis, I’d think the jolly old elf would have a good sense of humor. Especially for a man who drops the “ho” word multiple times on Christmas Eve.

S.A.N.T.A T-Shirt

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And there’s nothing more fun than trying to emulate Santa Claus at this time of year…

Yes, there are lots of opportunities for suggestive word play around the holidays:

Or just some other word play:

And then there’s those concerning food. Lots and lots of food…

Oh Holy Night T-Shirt

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The Gingerbread Man gets lots of work this time of year:

And we got a couple of snow word plays, too:

And for those of you who may not delight in the season as much as the rest of us, we’ve got some fun shirts for you, too!

Is your belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly? If not, maybe you need more milk and cookies.

Happy holidays everybody!

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