25 Buddy the Elf Shirts Because SANTA’S COMING!

by on Dec 27, 2016

Who doesn’t love Elf?  It is heartwarming and hysterical, cute and captivating; it is everything you could possibly wish for in a Christmas classic.  Buddy the Elf is the holiday icon we all aspire to be, and why can’t we be just like him?  With these Elf shirts, you can dress yourself up in all of Buddy’s quotes, mischief, and smiles!

Buddy the Elf Shirt

It is a classic not because of its age, but instead because of its charm, hilarity, and holiday spirit.  Not to make you feel old, but Elf debuted thirteen years ago, and aside from iTunes and The Return of the King, it may be the proudest thing 2003 has to show for itself.  It came out swinging with a star-studded cast, featuring future big names such as New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel and Game of Thrones‘s resident badass Peter Dinklage.  And of course, we can never forget to mention former Saturday Night Live heavy hitter and Buddy the Elf himself, Will Ferrell.

Le Petit Elf -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Like our hip t-shirts, Buddy the Elf always spreads happiness and cheer wherever he goes.  The very best side effects of Elf are the smiles.

Just Like To Smile -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Smilings My Favorite -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

But surprisingly, Buddy the Elf features some real negative attributes as well.  From time to time, he is simply too inappropriate for children, exposing our youth to the effects of foul swearing,

Buddy the Elf Shirt

Son of a Nutcracker -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

…ghastly lying,

Don't Smell Like Santa -- Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf Shirt

…and dreadful violence.

Snowball Thrower -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Snow Douken -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Our shirts can barely survive all of Buddy’s inappropriate influence.  Thankfully, he redeems himself.  With those educational health lessons, at least our children will remember the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup!

Syrup Covered Candy Crunch -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Food Pyramid Holiday Sweater -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

More than health, Buddy revealed an entire lifestyle.  He taught us the elf culture, and he even revealed the Code of Elves.

Code of Elves -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

With so many memorable quotes and references, it is hard to choose one shirt.  So don’t choose just one.  Take a look at this next quote shirt, and why not another nine more?  It is Christmas time!  Indulge yourself, grab as many shirts as you can carry!

Buddy the Elf Shirt

Elf Story -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Buddy the Elf Shirt

Bye Buddy -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Christmas Gram -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

For President -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Spread Cheer -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Legend of Buddy -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Favorite Color -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

Buddy the Elf Shirt

And since Santa and Buddy the Elf are headed to town, here is one more Elf shirt to really get in the Christmas spirit!Santa's Coming -- Buddy the Elf Shirt

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