13 Bike Shirts… Special Holiday Edition!

by on Dec 15, 2016

Between street cycling, mountain biking, and cyclocross, wheels and jerseys seem to be just about everywhere, people are even getting custom team jerseys.  Everyday you see a group of cyclists meeting up on your way to work.  When you are at the gym, lines of stationary bikes flood your vision.  On television, you see bicyclists in the Tour de France race through… Belgium?  They follow you everywhere, and in fact you probably are a biker yourself.  Thankfully you are not the only obsessed one.  The biking subculture has exploded in the past couple of years, and your brother, neighbor, and mom’s best friend have all jumped on board.  Lucky for you, the t-shirt industry follows the people, and boy, the people have spoken.  Thus, Thread+Spoke was born!

3 Up Sprint -- Biking Shirt

Thread+Spoke, a unique and thriving t-shirt community curated by bike lovers, collects the best shirt designs from around the globe and puts them all at your fingertips.  In their own words, it is “the destination for creatives and cyclists.”  But more exciting than the destination is the journey, the ride.  Thread+Spoke embraces the ride in every single shirt, and it could not be more comfortable to celebrate with them.


Joyeux TDF Sweater -- Biking Shirt

Individual designers create the artwork, then Thread+Spoke prints it out on the highest quality t-shirts to sell to you at the lowest possible price.  Artists get their work published and printed, Thread+Spoke gets to celebrate the biking world, and you get to wear an awesome shirt.  It is a win for everyone!

I Love Cycling Sweater -- Bike Shirt


To make sure everyone gets what they have earned, Thread+Spoke guarantees the independent designers a flat commission for each and every t-shirt sold.  No one is going hungry this Christmas.  And with so much amazing creativity and originality, you can tell that Thread+Spoke is really letting artists get behind the handlebars and take control.

Holiday Handlebars -- Biking Shirts

Just take a look at what Thread+Spoke has prepared for this month.  They have every holiday shirt (or sweater) you could ever want, and it is all perfect to wrap up under the biking tree.

Bike Tree -- Biking Shirt

You better watch out.  You better not cry.  You better not pout, and I’m telling you why: Santa Claus is riding to town!

Cycling Santa Sweater -- Biking ShirtSanta Bike Sleigh -- Biking Shirt

But let’s be honest, even Santa could not come up with biking shirts so splendid.

The North Pole Sweater -- Biking Shirt

While Saint Nick is flying around with all those toys, I wonder if the reindeer ever get tired and take a break for a bit.  Who better to fill their shoes (and hooves) than some Christmas-loving, bike-riding, hardcore athletes?

Santas Carbon Sleigh -- Biking Shirt

If you are real lucky, maybe you will unwrap a new bike on Christmas Day.  Keep your fingers crossed for lots of carbon!

Deck My Bike Sweater -- Biking Shirt

You know what they always say, it is the most wonderful time of year!  But it is not just because of the lights and trees and presents.  More than the holiday season, it is cyclocross season.

More Cowbell Sweater -- Biking Shirt


TDF Holiday Sweater -- Biking Shirt

From Christmas to carbon, Thread+Spoke has it all this December.  Even better, they have the deals too, so feel free to grab a few dozen shirts and sweaters (or at least two for every family member).  Then get on the trails and have some fun!

Let It Flow -- Biking Shirt

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