10 Glorious Shadow Warrior T-shirts You Need

by on Nov 06, 2016

I wasn’t sure if I should get Shadow Warrior 2 or not until I saw a friend playing it. I immediately had a flashback of the fun I had while playing the first game back in ’97 when it was released.

So I decided to take a plunge and picked it up on Steam. Boy, I wasn’t disappointed. Shadow Warrior 2 rolls out some significant improvements from the original while still keeping the base fun of shooting and slashing down your enemies. The controls and combat are tighter, more put together than the first one and the story has a bit more depth to it.

SW2 packs 10 times more guns than the original game and all of them can be imbued with gems that increase damage, attack speed, reload time or add elemental damage. Almost all gems can be slotted in and out of any weapon at will and this this allows for an unparalled level of customization. Slicing your way through hordes of Yakuza, Demons and Cybernetics never gets dull. Fast, brutal and stylish. It’s like you took Doom, Diablo, Borderlands and a few dirty jokes, threw them in a blender and Shadow Warrior 2 came out.


If you’re a fan of the original Shadow Warrior, this game is a must-have for you. Pick it up, play it, enjoy it, then come back here and treat yourself with one of the 10 Shadow Warrior t-shirts!

Top 10 Shadow Warrior T-shirts


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